We just recently got our new Unicycle Brand logo t-shirts and tanks in. It was bit of a process but we're really pleased with how they turned out. This was my first apparel project and I wanted to make sure it turned out just right. First off, for the ladies tanks I wanted something flattering and comfortable. I have always loved American Apparel and had quite a few of their tri blend shirts and tees. I ordered some samples of other products but went back to what I knew and loved already. That part was pretty easy. For the mens T-shirts, we went with Alstyle Apparel. We had gone with them in the past and were super happy with the quality and customer service. However, we decided on a different style this time. A little softer and more comfortable neckline. Of course we were given lots of samples and all decided on this particular one. Now for the men's, we wanted to add a little something extra so we decided to do cuff tags on them all. My rep put me in touch with a great company to work with and we started there. After working with them back and forth and making sure our logo fit and looked just right, they were ordered and sent off to Alstyle to be sewn on. Now as far as printing goes, we used a company called Moxley Media out of Medford, OR. We know several companies here that use them and I also own quite a few tank tops they have done and I am definitely happy with them all. That was an easy decision. They were great to work with and definitely perfectionists(which I appreciate). 

I'm really happy with the way they all turned out and I hope you guys enjoy them. I'm looking forward to the Fall/Winter apparel projects we will be releasing in the future.



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