I started painting obsessively for a couple years and the paint started teaching me the fundamentals of art..

...Painting showed me how to get an edge on my tattoos.
— Jeff Gogué

Paint//More is a comprehensive visual and verbal explanation of Jeff's typical painting process. He has stripped away the things that can confuse and complicate what it is to make an oil painting, and refined them into a three-color, three-step process. This process then can be repeated and added to at your discretion. The things discussed in this video are the fundamentals of not only the physical steps of oil painting, but also the philosophical aspects of artistry and aesthetics concerning oil painting design and execution. The only thing left to do is to apply these fundamentals and practice until it becomes innate. It will take hundreds of hours, if not thousands to accomplish this... but it all will be worth the effort when your expression and skill set are in cooperation and executed with confidence.

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