A true artist is not one that is inspired but one who inspires others.
— Salvador Dali

This film is years in the making. I share my perspective, values, and experience of my tattoo career, and my life as a tattooer and a tattooed person. I have taught a seminar for about five years that has been distilled down over time to what I believe to be my own personal defining principles that make me who I am, and my work stand out from others. The message seems simple at first glance but profound points surface the more you watch it. Like a good music album, with multiple viewings, I would hope new things will arise and reveal themselves to leave a lasting impression on your life.

I have learned so much in my fourteen years of tattooing and the last five years of teaching that watching this movie I am humbled and inspired myself to reach for higher ground both personally and professionally.

My intention for this video is to inspire the professional tattooer to elevate their own efforts and for the collector to understand the relationship between artist and client. All of this, I would hope, would collectively move tattooing further into maturity and empowerment.

- Jeff Gogué


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