UB Flash Drives - pre-loaded with digital media of your choice!

 UB Flash Drives - pre-loaded with digital media of your choice!

"Wild Eyed"

"Wild Eyed" is an oldie but goodie! This is a time lapse of one of Jeff's workshops filmed and edited in 2009 by Jeff. Hope you enjoy!



This last June we held a workshop entitled "Swallow My Pride". Ryan Moon filmed Dave Koenig's 8hr demonstration/lecture and then edited and condensed it into this rough cut 2hr video. It is brimming with information and creative energy. Take a look at Dave's intensive and inspiring process. And remember- Paint More.

Filming & Editing // Ryan Moon

Music // Middle Passage (Ryan Little) / CC BY 4.0


Paint // More.

Tattoo as i see it

Download & Stream $15.00

Paint//More is a comprehensive visual and verbal explanation of Jeff's typical painting process. He has stripped away the things that can confuse and complicate what it is to make an oil painting, and refined them into a three-color, three-step process. This process then can be repeated and added to at your discretion. The things discussed in this video are the fundamentals of not only the physical steps of oil painting, but also the philosophical aspects of artistry and aesthetics concerning oil painting design and execution. The only thing left to do is to apply these fundamentals and practice until it becomes innate. It will take hundreds of hours, if not thousands to accomplish this... but it all will be worth the effort when your expression and skill set are in cooperation and executed with confidence.

  Download & Stream $15.00

This film is years in the making. I share my perspective, values, and experience of my tattoo career, and my life as a tattooer and a tattooed person. I have taught a seminar for about five years that has been distilled down over time to what I believe to be my own personal defining principles that make me who I am, and my work stand out from others. The message seems simple at first glance but profound points surface the more you watch it. Like a good music album, with multiple viewings, I would hope new things will arise and reveal themselves to leave a lasting impression on your life.

I have learned so much in my fourteen years of tattooing and the last five years of teaching that watching this movie I am humbled and inspired myself to reach for higher ground both personally and professionally.

My intention for this video is to inspire the professional tattooer to elevate their own efforts and for the collector to understand the relationship between artist and client. All of this, I would hope, would collectively move tattooing further into maturity and empowerment.

- Jeff Gogué

- Claws -

#1 in a four part series. Based on the same principles as the Waves, Cherry Blossoms, Peonies and Filigree tutorials. Learning or relearning core fundamentals to create a signature style to break down claws into 3 major components.

-Fusion Ink-

A short video that is featured in the extras of "Tattoo as i see it".  Jeff talks about how he started with fusion ink and continues to use them.  
Music: Chris Zabriskie // CGI Snake
Filmed and edited: Ryan Moon
Sponsor: Fusion Tattoo Ink



A short video that is featured in the extras of "Tattoo as i see it".  Jeff talks about his switch from coil to a rotary machine, The Cheyenne "Hawk".  
Music: Hart Thorson 
Filmed and edited: Ryan Moon
Sponsor: Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment


A short video about the importance of fundamentals.  Audio is from a lecture from 2013. 
Music : Stellardrone / Light Years


A quick clip from Paint // More. about referencing.  


Practice makes perfect!  Knowing what to practice always helps.  Hopefully this will be a good place to start when it comes to filigree.  Having an understanding of the basic elements and a solid working process, we hope, will give you a new perspective on art.  Keep on keepin on!


Click the PDF button to download the free filigree drawing from this video. 12.7MB


- Peony -

Continuing along the same theme of understanding the basic components until they become innate, this peony video demonstrates that process. From the leaves and buds to a fully blossomed flower, each step is broken down to explain their importance. We hope this video gives you a step up!


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.57.29 AM.png
Click the PDF button to download the free peony drawing from this video. 26.4MB

- Cherry Blossoms -

Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to reduce and rebuild your skill set, or a new aspiring artist that is trying to fill in the gaps, we hope this video helps to advance you forward. Our objective at UB is to embody the intention of excellence. We are giving this to you with our whole hearts, hoping it enables you to produce original works that inspire others to do the same. Thank you for your support!


Click the PDF button to download the free cherry blossom drawing from this video. 20.7MB 

- Waves -